Fully automate your appointments with online appointment showings. In two steps, RealtyLog's online Showing System allows a licensed Real Estate Buying Agent to schedule to see your listed property.

You are in control and can quickly setup property showings for you MLS listing and add acceptable dates and times to get in, attach unlimited disclosure documents, photos, and create custom property survey forms for after the showing in one step form. After getting a Real Estate Buyer Agents online showing appointment, RealtyLog can automatically notify you and the seller email, SMS (instant message) or phone for your approval.

If your real estate office would prefer the personal touch with a live operator for your showings, your office may elect to use provide our toll-free Phone Showings number for your MLS listings. Our live Phone Showings operators are available seven days a week to schedule real estate showing appointments.

And after the real estate showing appointment, get instant feedback on whether the buyer is interested in your listed property with our automatic follow-up e-mail survey. You can customize the survey with your questions and options and even how often is sent to the real estate Buying Agent. You can even automatically set up to send a copy of the property feedback to your sellers or property managers. If the Buyer is interested, the Buyer Agent has the option of completing an instant online offer form as part of our Real Estate Feedback system. Our Real Estate Feedback system allows the real estate Buyer Agent to complete an online offer to purchase form, upload copies of approval letters, escrow checks, and any other required documents to complete an offer to purchase real estate.

No other real estate software or real estate broker software can do all this, and that's only one page of features you have with RealtyLog.
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A quick review of what we can do for your real estate business:

  • Fully automated real estate showings with online scheduling
  • Live operators for scheduling real estate showing appointments
  • Request automatic feedback surveys from buyer agents
  • Accept online offers from buyer agents
  • Automatically share property feedback with others